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Pricing is in £GBP / Euro / $US. VAT charged if applicable. All rates are for a 12 Months period from the date of payment.

The Aerial Photography Directory is happy to accept adverts on this website. Your Options are:

Employment and Secondhand trading pages

Included in your Premium Listing. Just Register, log in and Upgrade to a Premium Account then edit the section(s) in your Admin Panel. This will appear automatically in the appropriate pages.

You can change this as often as you want. If you are a Trader and not an Aerial Photography provider, then there is a tick box that you can untick to prevent you showing up in the main Aerial Photography Search page.

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120 x 60 or 120 x 90 image sharing with up to a maximum of 4 others shown in random order. $350 / €300 / £250 + vat per year. The image will link to a landing page of your choice.

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