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    1. UK Flag UK Photographers Rights Guide v2
    2. UK Flag Metropolitan Police Guide for Police Officers
    3. UK Flag The Home Office guide
    1. UK Flag ARPAS Trade Association for the UK RPAS Industry
    2. UK Flag ASTRAEA Autonomous Systems Technology Related Airborne Evaluation & Assessment
    3. Australian Flag Australian Certified operators Inc.
    4. World logo AUVSI Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
    5. Canadian Flag CCUVS Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems
    6. USA Flag Drone Pilots Association
    7. USA Flag MAPPS USA Association for Surveyoing, spatial data and GIS
    8. World logo PAPA Professional Aerial Photographers' Association
    9. World logo PSJA Professional Society of Drone Journalists
    10. World logo RCAPA Remote Control Aerial Platform Association
    11. USA Flag Small UAV Coalition
    12. UK Flag The UAV Association
    13. USA Flag UAVUS helps member apply for FAA s333 Exemption
    14. Australian Flag Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS)
    1. World logo DIY Drones
    2. World logo Heli Freak
    3. World logo Phantom Pilots
    4. World logo RC Groups
    1. World logo SD Speed Class standards
    1. UK Flag Aerial Motion Pictures
    2. UK Flag Cambridge UAV Academy
    3. UK Flag Cyberhawk innovations Ltd
    4. eu Flag EuroUSC Ltd
    5. UK Flag Resource Group Ltd
    6. UK Flag RUSTA: Rheinmetall Technical Publications UK Ltd
    7. UK Flag Sky-Futures Ltd
    8. UK Flag The Great Circle
    9. UK Flag UAV Academy
    10. UK Flag UAV Airways Ltd
    11. UK Flag Whispercam

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