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Aerial Photography Options

There is no 'one size fits all' for aerial photography. Each request has to be looked at individually and usually there will be at least one option. Manned craft are good for wide area shots, but are expensive. Masts are good for a cheap and cheerful solution where it is unsafe to fly, but are height restricted. Drones, kites and blimps are excellent for the middle ground but face restrictions on where they can operate. Use the following charts and tables to get an idea of what could be used for your individual requirement, then talk to the providers that have these options.

example aerial photography heights allowed
Platform Pros Cons Range (feet)
Ground-based mast

Rapid Deployment

Built-up areas where flight is unsafe / forbidden

Good for Low level inspections

Low level only

Fairly even ground needed

Bad for High level photography, heavy cameras, multiple Shoot locations

0 - 90
Platforms / MEWPs

Rapid deployment

Good for getting close to subject

Low height

Restricted locations

Bad for high level and tight spaces

0 - 100
Kites and blimps

Can be used where it is unsafe for UAVs

Silent operation

Good for Longer duration shoots than UAVs - e.g. monitoring a site

Affected by wind conditions and so tether point may not be appropriate

Bad for video work, precise positioning

0 - 500
UAVs / Drones

Accurate positioning via GPS

Can operate in gap between ground masts and manned craft

Rapid deployment and operation over any terrain

100 - 400 foot shoots

moving / tracking video

economy compared to manned craft

accurate positioning

Cannot be used when rainy or too windy

Some noise

Limited battery life - 5 - 20 minutes depending upon craft and payload

Bad for time lapse

0 - 400
Full size craft

Can carry High End equipment

Large scale surveying

Can fly over any terrain

Expensive, noisy

Cannot descend below 500 feet

Flight restrictions

Bad for intimate detail, covert work, silent work

500 +

Still not sure? Drop us an email or have a chat to the nearest supplier to you.

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